About us

Almazara Molero Maza is a family business from Extremadura with a genuine passion for extra virgin olive oil. By pampering our olives and harvesting at optimal ripeness, we can get the most out of every olive.

At Almazara Molero Maza we put special emphasis on all stages of the manufacturing process (from harvesting to refilling) to produce the highest quality oils.


The olive grove of Valdemaderos with more than 150 years, is located in the Sierra de San Serván in the Region of Tierras de Mérida. It is an Organic Olive grove of about 45 Ha. Where we can find some majestic specimens of varieties (Morisca, Carraqueña, Verdial, Pico Limón ...)

The olive grove of Caballeros occupies a plot of 20 Ha. Located in the La Paz region of Tierra de Barros. This is a monovarietal olive grove of the native Carrasqueña variety. It has a drip irrigation system that provides the amount of water required by the olive tree. With this irrigation system, a significant reduction in water consumption is achieved, which is a relief for aquifers and therefore a benefit for the environment.

The olive grove El Avion with 4 Ha. Of land in the heart of the region of Las Vegas Bajas del Guadiana, which has a drip fertirrigation system that provides the amount of nutrients that the olive tree demands at all times and is respectful of the environment. Already from the field the Almazara Molero Maza is respectful with the environment and that together with the modern techniques of two phases where the by-products are recycled, a cycle of commitment and protection of nature is closed.