MM Gourmet

MM Gourmet

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extra virgin olive oil with limited production made from olives selected by the Almazara master. The extraction is carried out cold at less than 22 ° C. and it is preserved in deposits with an inert atmosphere to maintain to a maximum its properties and flavors.
This oil has green aromas with hints of apple, green almond and green banana.

In order to guarantee the consumer all these features, we pay particular attention to their filtering and subsequent filling in 250 ml and 500 ml dark glass bottles.

Awards: In the 2018/2019 campaign , the MM-Gourme was awarded numerous prizes, including the 1st Ovibeja Prize 2019 in the medium fruity category fructose. Gold medal, Toshiya Tada Special Award (2nd Best of Show) Olive Japan 2019 Delicate Class; Gold Medal in Mezquita Awards 2019, Silver Medal in Cinve Awards 2019, TOP 100 Evooleum Awards ...)